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My CD4 count is 220. Can I transmit HIV?

My CD4 count is 220 and I’m on ARTs, how do I increase that because I take 1 pill a day? Can I still infect others?


Hi, how are you doing?

What was your CD4 count when you started treatment? As you are taking your medication daily you can expect your CD4 count to rise (a healthy range is 430 – 1690). CD4 count rises slowly – the increase is slower, the lower your CD4 count was when you started treatment.

You are doing everything you can to allow your CD4 count to rise.

Your CD4 count does not contribute to the risk of transmission. Do you know your viral load? As you are on medication this should be suppressed. If it is below 200/undetectable you cannot pass on HIV – U=U.



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