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Can I alternate between HIV medication?

I’m currently on Delstrigo, I have side effects and everything is fine. I travel a lot and some countries don’t have Delstrigo medication. Can I for example take Biktarvy for a month and then go back on Delstrigo…so alternate between meds?


Hi, how are you doing?

While in theory this can work, there be some logistical problems to consider.

Switching between drugs means they will have their own profile of side effects. Switching will mean your body will not have time to get used to each and each time you switch you may experience side effects worse than usual.

There is also the matter that they contain different drugs. For this reason you would need to be more conscious about what other drugs to take as there may be interactions to be aware of.

If you are expecting to switch to Biktarvy when in other countries, are you able to switch to Biktarvy where you live? There is also the option of getting extended prescriptions of Delstrigo for when you travel to cover the time you are away.

Have you been on other HIV medication before you started taking Delstrigo?



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