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Can I pass on HIV with a viral load of 730?

If you have a low CD4 count, 11 and a viral load of 730, can you pass the virus to your partner?


Hi, how are you?

Are you on treatment? and are you taking any antibiotics? With a CD4 count at 11 you have a very weak immune system and will be vulnerable to opportunistic infection. How long have you been living with HIV?

A viral load is 730 suggests that there is suppression of HIV. It would also indicate that HIV is no longer having a significant impact on your immune system (CD4 count). There is some risk of HIV transmission. For the risk to be zero, you will need a viral load below 200. At 730 the risk is minimal but it is possible and should be aware of. Using a condom, or your partner using PrEP will prevent transmission.



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