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Can I have sex with my partner without a condom?

I’m living with HiV since 2014 and on medication. In 2018 my girlfriend then fell pregnant and she was tested negative. She and my son are negative. 3 months ago on my yearly test my viral load was below 20. Last week I went to the doctor with my new woman. She wanted to know the risks of having sex with me. He discouraged her by saying sleeping with me without a condom is not safe. Please advise.


Hi, how are you doing?

In this case your doctor has not provided current advise. As you are on treatment and your viral load is suppressed below 200 there is no risk of transmission. This is supported by U=U. This is an evidence based campaign that has proven if on medication and your viral load is below 200, it is not possible for you to pass on HIV via sex.

This means that your partner does not require PrEP, nor do you need to use a condom. You being on treatment with a suppressed viral load is ‘protection enough’ to prevent any risk of your partner contracting HIV.



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