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Is there risk fo transmission to my baby not giving them medication frequently?

Hi, I am HIV positive I just gave birth and my baby is 1 month old. I was giving him Viropon but it was not frequently. I skipped some days because I didn’t have privacy as I haven’t disclosed to my family. I was breastfeeding since birth but now my mom kept giving the baby formula so I stopped breastfeeding. Is the any high risk of infecting my baby with the virus as am undetectable?


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby.

Being undetectable means there is a low risk of transmission. This stays low as you have now switched to formula to avoid mixed feeding.

How often was baby having Viropon? Being undetectable means Viropon longer than a month is not usually recommended.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Lebogang, congratulations on having a baby. As baby has now finished their NVP there is no further risk. Baby will be tested when you stop breastfeeding to make sure but this risk is very small. The Novatrim is not used to prevent HIV. It is used to prevent other infections that they may be at risk of. How often are you not giving baby this?

  2. Lebogang

    Hi im HIV positive i huv a 2month old baby my viral load is lower than undetectable i wad given navarpine when bby was born until 6weeks then i huv been giving my baby novatrim but due to lack of privacy n not ready to disclose mu status I can go a day or 2 with giving Wt r the chances of my baby getting infected

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Nonhalahla, as he is a month and on formula baby does not need treatment. If you are able to speak with your doctor before stopping that would ensure nothing is being missed, though in most cases there would not be a reason to continue.

  4. Nonhlanhla

    He took it for 2 weeks. So can I stop giving him since he is 1 month old and i have moved him to formula


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