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Why is my viral load not undetectable?

I have been on ART treatment for over 1 year with very good adherence but although low viral load is maintained generally less than 120 it never achieves undetectable less than 50. What could be the reasons for this other than resistance which seems unlikely?
There seems very little information available on this as it is normally assumed that provided healthy and adherence to treatment plan all will achieve U=U generally within 3 months.


Hi, how are you doing?

While not below 50, your viral load is still considered undetectable and U=U still applies. You cannot pass on HIV to someone else via sex.

With no good answer, not everyone will have a viral load fall below 50. There are a number of factors that can influence this and a lot of the time it is luck. As your viral load is this low and has remained this low, you are right in that this is not caused by resistance.

A viral load of 120 is excellent. It means that your treatment is working and HIV is no longer damaging your immune system.



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