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What can I do to avoid the side effects of PEP?

Hi I’m taking PEP (emtricitabine tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and efavirenz) every 1430H. I’m having trouble with the side effect, anything I can do for this? Also, would it be ok if I drink it before going to sleep? Thank you very much for the response.


Hi, how are you doing?

What are the side effects you are experiencing?

Yes. It is actually advised to take this combination of PEP in the evening rather than in the afternoon. Taking it in the evening will let you sleep through most of the side effects and prevent it having an impact on your life.

Are you taking it with food? As this combination contains efavirenz, you should avoid taking it with high fat foods. The high fat content means more efavirenz will be absorbed and this can lead to worsening side effects. It is okay to take it with other foods.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Anup, Pantocid dsr should be taken on an empty stomach. This is best done 2 hours before food and waiting 2 hours before eating. How your doctor has suggested taking Pantocid would be okay.

    Are you taking it at the same time as Trustiva? If you are it is possible that Trustiva can reduce how much Pantocid is absorbed by the body. This can risk Pantocid not working as well. It may be that a higher dose of Pantocid is needed to achieve the same results.

  2. Anup

    Hi josh my doctor advice me to take pantocid dsr capsule with trustiva .. should I took pantocid dsr capsule… before food…and he advice me take medicine before bed at least 1.30 hour after food is it ok


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