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I have missed my medication by 5 days…

Due to delivery delays I have missed my medication by 5 days. I was using Trenvir and I was undetectable. Started taking my meds in October 2016. I am very stressed.


Hi, how are you doing?

It is great that you have been able to restart your medication.

As you had been on treatment for so long and being undetectable, it is not likely that this will have an impact on how effective your treatment is.

From being undetectable, viral rebound usually occurs a week or more after treatment stops.

Starting again within 5 days means that the risk for viral rebound to have occurred is very low.

To check that your treatment is still working, it is recommended to get a viral load test. This should be done after a few weeks of restarting treatment. Doing this test will confirm Trenvir is continuing to work.



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