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I switched Truvada and Isentress…

I am taking PEP (Truvada and Isentress) and about 6-7 days into my treatment I accidentally switched the caps on my bottles. I took Truvada twice per day and Isentress once daily for approximately 3-4 days. I realised this mistake and changed back. Is there anything else I can do? Am I at increased risk now?


Hi, how are you doing?

No. You are not at an increased risk alone.

Truvada alone is enough to be used as PEP.

Adding Isentress is used to provide a more robust regiment, but the evidence for this is limited. It is suitable to use Truvada alone as PEP.

This means that for the days you were taking a lower dose of Isentress, you were still taking PEP. You have not reduced how effective it will be and you do not need to do anything more.



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