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Newly diagnosed with CD4 200 and viral load 375,000

Hi, I am newly diagnosed. But my CD4 cells already dropped to 200 copies/mm3, and my viral road is 375 000/mL. I am wondering if I should start the treatment now or if I should be monitored for a while before deciding to take the drugs or not.


Hey thanks – how are you doing?

Even though treatment is now really good, it can still be difficult to find out you are HIV positive.

HIV treatment (called ART) is now recommended for everyone after being diagnosed.

Because your CD4 count is below 350 and your viral load is above 100,000, it is especially important that you start ART now.

The i-Base Introduction to ART includes information about treatment choices.

How long do you think you have been HIV positive? If this might have been recently, your clinic should also tell you the results of a RITA test. This can show if this was likely to have been in the last six months.

If you are in the UK, make sure that your clinic also gives you a resistance test before deciding on which drugs you can use.

This original question from Novemebr 2006 was last updated in February 2019.

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  1. justaguy

    i just want to say …. you should see your local HIV clinic . start your meds as soon as possible and make sure to take them at the same time daily . it will take time but i’m sure your CD4 will slowly rise and your viral load will go down a lot faster . just make sure to take your meds daily and try to set a phone alarm and take at the same time . if you take of yourself ….i’m sure you will be fine . i wish you the best .


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