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Alcohol interactions and HIV meds – 12 pints?

Can drinking beer (12 pints) in the evening 18:00 and then going a night out affect HAART metabolism, if I take my HIV drugs (HAART) at 12:00-midday/noon?


There are no interactions between HIV drugs and alcohol because the body clears these drugs differenty, using different ‘metabolic pathways’.

12 pints in one session is excessive alcohol use. Continuing to drink ‘on the night out’ could easily result in alcoholic poisoning, which can be fatal.

If this is a regular part of your life, you may want to talk about this level of alcohol use with your doctor, as it is more likely to kill you than HIV.

At least the drug levels of your HIV drugs will be fine, so long as your hangover doesn’t stop you waking up the next day and you miss your meds.


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