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Are there any HIV muslim support groups in UK?


Try contacting Naz project first as they run a wide range of support groups including for people from Muslim countries.
An article from Positive Nation includes more information.
Although you specifically want projects in the UK, if you are feeling isolated, sometimes email and access to information can help.

An excellent support group called Positive Muslims in South Africa includes a lot of information on their site.
A new yahoo email support group for HIV-positive Muslims was recently set up.
Please call us at i-Base on Monday if it would help to talk about this.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Fatma,

    In addition to the info above, the community forums at poz.com include a personals section that has free registration and many thousands of international users (including from the UK). This might be a good place to start looking.

    For more info please see this Q&A http://i-base.info/qa/6473

    The check list at this link is a good overview if you are new to meeting people by internet.

  2. Fatma

    Am black muslim kenya lady am positive looking for a patner from UK,


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