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Can I get PrEP on the NHS to help us conceive?

Hi. We are going to try for a baby naturally. My husband is positive I am negative.

Today at clinic we asked about me taking prep and the doctor said she didn’t think it was allowed on the NHS and that we might have to become part of a study?

Is this right and also how long do you have to take it for?

Thanks for your help



Thanks for your email.

First of all if your husband is currently on treatment, with an undetectable viral load, you should be able to try to conceive naturally without the need for PrEP. This is because HIV treatment greatly reduces the infectiousness of a positive person. More information about this is explained in this previous question: I’m HIV negative and my husband’s positive. Can we have a baby?

You doctor is partially right about PrEP. Truvada- the drug used for PrEP, is not currently recommended for this use on the NHS. Why this is, and more information about PrEP, is explained in this previous question: Can I access PrEP in the UK?

Please let me know if you have any questions after reading these!


  1. Rebecca McDowall

    Taking Truvada when your husband is undetectable is quite unusual, as the risk from unprotected sex with somebody who has an undetectable viral load is already so low (see this link). But as you say yourself everybody must make their own decision about what level of ‘risk’ they are comfortable with. Positively UK is a UK based charity that offers support for HIV positive people who are pregnant or trying to conceive. Their pregnancy pages may be interesting to you, and you could contact them for information about support services.

  2. HopefulWife

    There is hope!
    My husband and I live in the US and have been trying to become pregnant. I’m negative and he is positive but has been suppressed for over 10years.
    We went to many consultations and since IVF was not a financially possible option for us we finally found a doctor who will help me conceive naturally when using Truvada. I am very hopeful, my odds of becoming sick are very very limited but there is always that little window- doctors DO NOT say its 100% effective/safe, neither are anti-conception pills etc. its your own decision and how much you trust your partner that he will also be great at taking his medicine during that time.
    We are starting the process next month….
    Is there a MOM or Mom to be out there – that have been through the same process? I would love to know how all went for you!?


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