Treatment training manual

4. 1-4.2 Introduction and aims

4.1 Introduction

Section 4 provides information about side effects from HIV treatment (ART).

Although everyone worries about this, modern ART has very few side effects. If side effects do occur, these are usually mild and get better quickly.

So this 2023 update only includes a few side effects in detail, based on the drugs that are most widely used. This depends on the meds that are available in your country.

Some side effects can be easy to treat or manage. But if they are still difficult it is often better to try an alternative combination.

A few rare side effects can be more serious. Knowing which serious side effects to look out for is important. Information about side effects to older drugs, is also included.

4.2 Aims for this section

Section 4 will provide a basic understanding of the following issues.

  • Overview of risk of side effects.
  • Difference between major and minor side effects.
  • How to talk about side effects to your doctor.
  • How to reduce side effects, including switching treatment.
  • Main side effects linked to the most commonly used ART.

Last updated: 1 January 2023.