Treatment training manual

3. 1 – 3.2 Introduction and aims

3.1 Introduction

Section 3 is about antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and HIV treatment (ART). It includes information about the medical approach to treatment as well as how to approach this if you are HIV positive.

ART is more complicated than many other medical treatments. Everyone starting ART needs to understand the differences to have the best chance of long-term benefit.

3.2 Aims for this section

After reading section 3, advocates will have a basic understanding of:

  • How antiretroviral drugs work.
  • Treatment guidelines.
  • Using three or more drugs.
  • The importance of getting undetectable viral load.
  • The main drugs that are used.
  • Treatment choice and side effects
  • Adherence and drug levels. This includes practical aspects (late doses, missed doses, being sick, tips etc).
  • Drug resistance and treatment failure.

Last updated: 1 January 2016.