Treatment training manual

3.17 What if I forget to take my pills?

The following information is a guide in case you missed a dose of meds.

If you realise you have missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

BUT, if you only realise when you’re going to take your next dose, DO NOT take a double dose.

  • Almost everyone will forget or be late with their drugs at some time. But there is a difference between occasionally missing a dose, and regularly forgetting on a daily or weekly basis. You need to aim to take all your doses at approximately the right time.

You may be regularly taking your meds late or missing doses.

  • If you are missing many doses each week it may be better to talk to your doctor about using meds that have less risk of resistance – or in extreme cases stopping treatment.
  • This would only be to help support you to get a more organised schedule. Stopping treatment is not recommended otherwise.
  • This would limit your risk of resistance. You can restart treatment later when you are able to cope better.

There may be an easier combination that you can use.

  • Some people hate lots of pills. Some hate fatty foods or having to eat breakfast. Some people will always have trouble with taking medicine at work during the day.
  • All these things are important in deciding which combination will suit you best.

You have to follow your regimen everyday.

  • Adherence includes both during the weekend, and in the different situations involved in life.
  • Taking days off is a risky way of using treatment.
  • There are always things that can help you to avoid missing doses, whatever your lifestyle.

Last updated: 1 January 2016.