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How can I decrease my viral load?

hi my question is that I found out I am hiv positive and my c4 was 64 and am now on treatment. The last time Ii do my varal load was more than 3000, they asked me to do it again this month. I’m stressed to much and that makes me scared. What can I used to boost my viral load? I don’t have a problem with my treatment my problem is the stress I have.


Thanks for getting in touch.

What was your viral load when you were diagnosed? How long have you been on treatment? Has your CD4 increased since you started meds?

I appreciate that you are concerned that your viral load is not undetectable. It is though still low, and will continue to go down if you take your meds. It can take up to six months to become undetectable. It is taking your meds that will decrease your viral load, and nothing else.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nontle,

    What do you mean your blood sample has been rejected? Also as long as you’ve not had any issues with your meds, then there’s no reason why your viral load should rebound.

  2. Nontle

    What makes blood samples to be rejected…I’m so stressed…and I’m worried that this can affect my viral load

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Felicia,

    Are you on medication, so ARVs? If you’re on medication, how long have you been on it for?

  4. Felicia

    Hi am Felicia and my viral load is 18880
    What must cause this,and what should I
    Do to Decrease my viral load
    Each an every time I think of it I become so sick n feeling dizzy can anyone help me please


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