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Just diagnosed, should I take CD4MAX?

I just found out im hiv positive 3 weeks ago and my CD4 count is 144 and im not on ARVs, do you know anything about CD4MAX can I take it together with ARVs? please help!



Thanks for your email. I am very sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Finding out that you are HIV positive is never easy. Do you have any support to help you deal with this?

With a CD4 count of 144 it is important that you start treatment soon, in the next week or two. This is because there is a risk of developing opporunistic infections like TB and pneumonia. This doesn’t mean you definitely will get sick, but by starting ARVs you can make this much less likely. Have you discussed starting ARVs with your doctor?

CD4MAX is not a proven medical treatment. There is no proven benefit to taking it and it will not treat your HIV or increase your CD4 count. There are lots of products like these that claim to benefit people living with HIV but they are not proven and at best a waste of money, at worst they could be dangerous for your health.


  1. Robin Jakob


    Like the answer says above CD4 Max is not proven to do anything. It will not help fight your HIV and might be bad for you. The only effective way to control HIV is to take HIV treatment.

  2. inno

    I would like to know more about CD4 max I just found out I’m positive a month back and my CD4 count is 495


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