Pipeline drugs

Several drugs are already available that will work against drug resistance. These include fostemsavir and ibalizumab. Plus lenacapavir is available on named patient access.

Other drugs in advanced development with also be effective.

Following this research can help you plan when to change ART. You might be able to join these studies now.

The i-Base website includes updates on new drugs and new research.
Pipeline report (2020)

This includes the following compounds in each class. Not all these new drugs will work against drug resistance.

NRTIs: islatravir.

NNRTIs: MK-8507.

Attachment inhibitors: fostemsavir.

Capsid inhibitors: lenacapavir

Fusion inhibitors: albuvirtide.

Maturation inhibitors: GSK3640254.

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs): ibalizumab, UB-421, PRO-140.

Additional drugs will be added as more information becomes available.

Last updated: 1 August 2021.