Potential for generic prices for 12 weeks sofosbuvir treatment to drop below US $300 and daclatasvir to US $23

15th EACS graphic

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

The potential for even lower prices for generic formulations of new oral hepatitis C drugs was presented as a poster by Andrew Hill from Liverpool University. [1]

This study used the falling costs of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) during 2015 related to production efficiency and greater demand in order to model future potential lower target prices.

Currently, sofosbuvir costs US $50,000 – 84,000 in high-income countries for 12 weeks treatment compared to less than $1000 for generic versions in low- and middle-income countries (produced under license from Gilead). Daclatasvir costs approximately US$ 35,000 for 12 weeks, but information on generic access and prices have not yet been announced by Bristol Myers-Squibb.

The model included a 40% markup for formulation costs, $0.35 per month for packaging, and a 50% profit margin.

The model predicted that if API price reductions continue at the current rate, then by the end of 2015 target prices would reach US $281 for sofosbuvir and US $23 daclatasvir.


The potential to dramatically reduce the price of hepatitis C drugs in low- and middle-income countries is essential given that most people with hepatitis C live in these countries.

It is therefore reassuring that prices for generic sofosbuvir have already fallen in line with this model to less than US$ 400. [2]

This study further highlights the indefensible pricing structure for sofosbuvir and daclatasvir in high-income countries, putting the drugs beyond the reach of health systems to enable universal treatment for people with hepatitis C.

It is perfectly legal in many countries, including the UK, to use an online pharmacy to important 12 weeks of generic medication for personal use.

The Australian HIV medical association (ASHM) has published online guidance for how to do this, that could be used by people in the UK. [3]

Prices for other new hepatitis C drugs were included in an earlier presentation by this group at the IAS 2013 conference two years ago. [4]


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