Articles from AIDS Treatment News

HIV Travel Restrictions for HIV-positive people

Where to find help if you need to find out about HIV travel restrictions and testing requirements of countries around the world. For example, a database of all countries is now being maintained in Europe, and made available through the Web in English, German, and French.

Tat Inhibitors, A New Approach

Short interview with researchers looking at tat inhibitors

Interview with Dr Paddy Mallon: lipodytrophy, fat metabolism and role of ARVs

An excellent on-line interview with one of the key researchers into the mechanisms of lipatrophy.

Can HIV itself cause lipoatrophy or mitochondrial dysfunction in treatment naive patients? If so, can starting treatment with non-thymide analogs like tenofovir or abacavir reverse it? What is the role of AZT and should it be used in first-line therapy?

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