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Do I need ART with CD4 count of 770? Is is good that warts got better?

I tested HIV positive in Feb and I am not on ARVs as yet my doctor prescribed me with vitamin supplements and TB protection.

At the time I tested positive my CD4count was 770 and I had vaginal warts. The warts went away by themselves so I was wondering how long can I stay with out treatment and for the warts to go away by themselves a good thing or bad.

I would also like to know why the first HIV test was positive and the second one that confirms came back negative and I had to take tests for the lab which then came back positive.thank you in advance.



Thanks – I will answer each question separately.

First, it is good that you have a high CD4 count. This means there is no urgency to start HIV treatment (ART).

Part of this will be your choice and part it might related to guidelines in your country, Even though South Africa recommends treatment for everyone, it might take a while for people with high CD4 counts to all be treated.

Is is good that your warts go better by themselves. This shows you have a strong immune system.

Sometimes HIV test nees to be checked a couple of times becasue of lab or test errors. It sounds like this might have happened in your case.

It is good that you are prescribed TB treatment.


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