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What is Atroiza used for?


Atroiza is a combination pill than contains three HIV drugs. It is a generic version of Atripla.

It is mainly used to treat HIV.

However, i some countries the same drugs (efavirenz/tenofovirDF/emtricitabine) are used as PEP to prevent HIV infection.

This is not recommended in the UK or in other guidelines. which recommend different HIV drugs for PEP. This is because of concerns about efavirenz side effects in HIV negative people.

See: PEP, PEPSE and PrEP.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Mahlodi, you do not need to be worried. While they are slightly different combinations of drug, they work just as well as each other.

    Very commonly in South Africa, people are being switch from Atroiza (a generic version of Atripla) to Reydin (a generic version of TLD). This is because Reydin is generally tolerated much better by people as it has fewer side effects. The main one being it does not affect mood.

    It may be more suitable to take Reydin in the morning as some people do report problems sleeping. This side effect is avoided by taking the medication in the morning.

    Switching between these medications is not going to affect your viral load suppression.

  2. Mahlodi

    Hallo I was taking atroiza since 2021, then I moved to cape Town. Then at the clinic the changed my medication, they changed me from atroiza to Reydin. Should I be worried?

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Nomvula, in what context are you taking Atroiza. Are you wanting it to prevent HIV, suppress HIV, or stop HIV after a risky exposure?

  4. Nomvula

    Can I use atroiza to protect my self on HIV

  5. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Sidney, it is possible. Atrioza and PrEP (Truavda) do both contain tenofovir but there is other differences. You should not be using Atroiza as PrEP. Please follow this link to read more: https://i-base.info/guides/prep

  6. Sidney

    Will atroiza reduce the risk of being infected after having sex with HIV positive partner while I’m I’m negative?.

  7. Simon Collins

    Hi Welcom – the doctor has prescribed Atroiza as PEP. See this link for more information:
    Atroiza is not recommended as PEP in the UK but it is used in some other countries.


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