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Am I at risk of getting sick with my CD4 count over 500?

I was diagnosed with HIV 3 months ago, my CD4 was 520 and Viral load 88 000 copies. My physician recommended that I start Treatment immediately but I haven’t yet started because of trying to change medical aids which is delaying. With that CD4 count and viral load am I at risk of getting sick? And my other worry is why my viral load is so High?



Thanks for your question. Do you have support to help with being diagnosed?

It is good your considering treatment as it is the best way to protect your health.

Your CD4 T cell count is still strong (over 500) so you aren’t at a high risk of opportunistic infections seen at lower CD4 counts. The longer you stay off treatment the more it will fall though. Many people are now starting treatment above 500  and it also protects you from passing HIV onto your sexual partners. Your viral load is high because you are not on treatment and this will fall dramatically as soon as you start. High viral loads are also often associated with recent infection.

Here is some more information on starting treatment


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