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Can I have a negative baby?

I tested positive since 2013 and my CD4 rose from 350 in 2013 to 984 in 2016.
I want to get married to a negative partner. Is there any danger in getting married to her and having negative children and not transmitting HIV without using condoms?
And when will my viral load become undetected?



May I ask if you are taking HIV treatment? As your CD4 has risen to a a high level this would suggest your immune system is doing well. If you are taking HIV treatment then your increase in CD4 would suggest your viral load is being controlled. However, the only way to know if you are undetectable is by asking your doctor for a viral load test.

If you are undetectable then this also stops HIV transmission – even if you don’t use condoms.

It is easy and safe to conceive naturally and the mother give birth to negative baby. See our pregnancy guide for more information.

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  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Nomnikelo, yes, this is easy. Please see question 6 at this link:

  2. Nomnikelo

    I am postive my partner is negative I would like to have a baby without infecting my partner . Is that possible to get the baby natural?

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi Angeline, please see Q6 at this link:

  4. angeline

    Im negative and husband is positive but we want a baby ,what can we do . again I don’t want to be positive