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Can I start meds and how to tell my partner?

Hi, I was diagnosed by HIV in 2014, and I’ve been exercising to keep fit and healthy. My question now that I’m losing weight and stressing too much, is it so possible for me to go to any clinic to start the treatment? I’m having dizzy spell not concentrating at work and m also feeling tired.

My other question is that I’ve been dating a guy for two months he doesn’t know about my status and I wanna tell him in a right full way so that he doesn’t leave.



Your first question is easiest to answer. Everyone can benefit from HIV treatment so please contact your clinic. Even though you have been looking after your health, HIV can still progress without you realising it. This is why nearly everyone needs treatment.

As well as helping your health, HIV meds will also protect your partner from the risk of HIV, even if you are currently using (or not using) condoms.

Your second question about disclosure is more difficult. I can’t say how to do this because each individual and each relationship is different.

It is a good idea to try and talk about HIV in general terms first so that you have an idea of how this person thinks about HIV and what the man thinks about things.

By being on treatment you will have time to do this in your own times and when you feel the time is right.


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