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Can I take ARVs if I’m not positive?

Can I use Odimune if I’m not HIV positive?


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For me to be able to answer this, I’ll need to know why you’re considering taking Odimune.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Mamokete, CD4 count does not determine if you are HIV positive or negative. CD4 count is a measure of how healthy your immune system is. At 564 your CD4 count is very good and this is within a healthy range. HIV can damage your immune system and cause this number to fall. In your case this has not happened. For someone who is HIV negative their CD4 count would be expected to be between 430 and 1690.

    Having a high CD4 count does not mean that you do not have HIV and a test would be required to confirm this.

  2. Mamokete

    And alsmy blood was taken to lap and they say my cd4 is 546 does it mean I’m positive?


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