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Is Tribuss stronger than Odimune?

Is Tribuss stronger than Odimune?


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Tribuss and Odimune are both generic versions of Atripla.

This means they have the same active drugs. They are the same as each other.

There are many generic versions of Atripla including: Atenef, Atreslawin, Atroiza, Citenvir, Heftenam, Odimune, Teevir, Tribuss, Trivenz, Truno, Trustiva and Viraday.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Palesa,

    Atrozia and Odimune are both generic versions of Atripla, it’s common to be given different versions of Atripla. This is safe. The issue here is that you were on Atrozia, then given Acriptega (this is another combination of ARVs- please see here: https://i-base.info/guides/14970) and now you’ve gone back to a generic of Atripla. Though this should be OK, it’s not best practice. Please ask your doctor why you’ve been changed back to a generic version of Atripla.

  2. Palesa

    Hi I started my treatment last November and I started to take adroiza, I took it 4times thereafter they gave me Acriptega and today I went to fetch my treatment and they gave me another different treatment which is Odimune. So I’m worried that i can get sick or have some sides effect. Is’it right what they do?

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Mpho,

    Do you mean that it’s painful when you go to the toilet? And are you constipated too? These are not reported side effects of Atroiza.

    But please talk to your doctor about these symptoms to find out what’s causing them.

    How is the HIV treatment going? If you have access to your viral load and CD4 results, please let us know what they are.

  4. Mpho

    Hy i really dnt know wat 2do bcos I drink Atroiza n whn I go 2 toilet it’s painful both site it feels banning n it makes me feel like I can push every time am HIV positive n it rests DE following day nt DE same time.wat must do.plz help

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Lolo,

    Odiumune and Tribuss are both generic versions of Atripla. Therefore its ok to take both of these meds as they contain the same compounds.

  6. Lolo

    I’m on tribuss but mistakenly took odimune which belongs to my husband, is it rong and I felt the side effects were better than tribuss


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