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Will SSRI antidepressants affect seroconversion or HIV test results?

I read a research article that posits that SSRIs (antidepressants) decrease HIV replication and downregulate RT [reverse transcriptase] response:

My question is this: if SSRIs decrease HIV replication and downregulate RTresponse and so on, does it mean it has the same effect as the PEP, which means it could delay seroconversion?

Please read the research and let me know if SSRIs have the same effect as PEP on an HIV test.



Thanks for your question.

It is complicated to understand the implications of this research paper.

Although some of the associations are interesting, I don’t think they would affect the dynamics of HIV infection in the way you are worried about.

Although these factors might affect risk of infection, I do not think they would affect the outcome of HIV test.

This Q&A service is mainly focused on HIV treatment rather than testing – see:

You could perhaps email the researchers for their views.


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