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What does 20 ‘copies’ mean?

I am HIV positive and this year I decided to to date. I disclosed my status to someone and he left me saying that he doesn’t want to be infected. My heart broke. In October I went to collect my medication, and I saw my result. The result said less than 20 copies. I don’t know what this means, please help.


Hi, how are you doing?

I am so sorry someone decided to leave for fear of being infected. Disclosing your status is personal and never feel that you have to tell someone.

Results for HIV blood tests are given as a number of ‘copies’. This refers to your viral load. It is a measure of how well managed HIV is and if you can transmit the disease. Any value lower than 200 is considered undetectable and you cannot pass on HIV. Your result of 20 is excellent and means your medication is suppressing the virus.

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