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Does Biogen CLA3000 interact with ARV treatment?

I am HIV positive and on ARV treatment. I have gained quite a lot of weight and would like to lose it. As such I have started working out. I’d like to use a fat burner and supplements such as Biogen CLA3000 which I have previously used before testing positive. Would the CLA have any adverse effects on the ARV treatment?


Hi Ash, how are you? Good to hear you are looking to work out.

Research evidence to show interactions between supplements and ARV treatment is minimal. Do you need to take these supplements? Talking to your pharmacist or doctor would be best to discuss any of these concerns. CLA has only been shown to have small effects on weight loss and generally has no proven benefit.

Losing weight should be, and is an achievable goal. A healthy weight will help reduce risk of any further problems to your health. Please see this link about losing weight and HIV: https://www.aidsmap.com/about-hiv/how-lose-weight-if-you-have-hiv

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