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I am undetectable. When can I stop taking Bactrim?

Hello. 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with HIV and now, after medication I am undetectable with a CD4 count of 347. I am taking Biktarvy (ARV) and Bactrim. When can I stop taking Bactrim? My recent blood test, after 6 weeks of treatment shows that my creatinine and ALT levels have raised but are still within a normal range. Is it a sign that the treatment is attacking my liver and kidneys? My total lymphocyte count was higher than normal too.


Hi, how are you? It’s great how quickly your medication has worked.

In the UK, Bactrim is recommended for people who have a CD4 count less than 350. At this point you remain on the border. Talking to a doctor will help discuss your management and if it still remains suitable to take. Bactrim is a prophylactic antibiotic used as a precaution to prevent opportunistic infections.

ALT levels and creatinine will be stable. They are given as ranges for normal limits. Falling within side of these, even if raised from a previous test is not a cause for concern. There is no indication that your medication is impacting your liver or kidneys unless you experiencing other symptoms.

A raise in lymphocyte levels can be caused by a number of things. Please ask your doctor to explain these to you.

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  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Nick, taking Bactrim is not a life-long commitment. The use of the antibiotic is to prevent opportunistic infection while your CD4 count is still not as high as it could be. Hopefully being on Bactrim for a few more months will help you recover your CD4 count to a level not requiring Bactrim. I understand how taking another medication can present with its own problems, but as you are on the border for a healthy CD4 count it would be encouraged to continue for the next few months. This being said, if you still remain uncomfortable taking Bactrim there may be other solutions on discussion with your doctor.

  2. eNick

    Hello Josh and thank you for your response!

    About my high total lymphocytes count, i forgot to mention that only the percentage of it is above the normal range. The total count (numbers of lymphocytes) was still within a normal range.

    I’m living abroad and unfortunately i wasn’t able to contact my doctor about Bactrim since my last post. I remember that she asked me to continue bactrim for 3 months more but to be honest i find it not necessary and i dont want to take an antibiotic for a long period of time. What are your thoughts about it?



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