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Can TLD be used as PEP?

Can TLD help someone who has been in contact with an HIV positive person to prevent them from contracting HIV before 72hrs?


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Yes you can. TLD is a combination that can be used as PEP and for the management of active HIV infection. PEP stands for post exposure prophylaxis. PEP is used to prevent established infection after exposure.

TLD is a first choice recommendation for PEP. The course lasts 28 days following a high risk exposure. It is only used in cases where the exposure was within 72 hours. After this, regardless of what drug is prescribed, PEP will not work.

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  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Dreezy, PEP is not 100% effective. Depending on how well you stick to taking PEP daily, and how soon you start (within 72 hours), PEP can be up to 90% effective. This is true for al combinations of PEP. TLD offers this same effectiveness.

  2. Dreezy

    By how much does TLD reduce risk of infection? Is it 100%effective?


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