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Starting PEP after 72 hours.

I had unprotected sex with a male “bottom”. I didn’t know that he was HIV positive. After around 60 hours he informed me that he is HIV positive. Unfortunately lack of information meant I started PEP after 72 hours. I completed the full 28 days course of PEP. 13 days later I went to a private clinic lab for an “HIV 4th generation test”. I got a negative result. Should it be ok? or there is a window period for the “HIV 4th generation test”. Please answer me I am still worried.


Hi, how are you doing?

As you started PEP after 72 hours there was no benefit to the course. It is a good sign that you have tested negative but after a course of PEP 6 weeks needs to go by before the result is conclusive. This is because PEP can prevent the natural course of HIV, impacting on the result.

There are other factors that change your risk. Being the “top” will reduce your risk of HIV. This guide will show you how your risk changes in regards to the type of sex you had.

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