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I gave birth early. Is my baby at risk?

I gave birth before my due date. My viral load was low, so my child was exposed to HIV. Should I be stressed? She’s on Nevirapine and Zidodivine, should I be worried about her health? I’m breastfeeding her. I’m always crying thinking that my daughter is HIV positive and i’m the cause of it.


Hi, congratulations on having a baby girl.

I understand why you are feeling anxious but you are doing a great job. You mentioned your viral load was low. This is a great sign and reduces your daughters risk. It is also great that she is on Nevirapine and Zidodivine. These are used after birth to prevent transmission from breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is the top recommendation in South Africa. You are doing everything right. Giving birth early has not stopped you doing this. As your viral load was low, does this mean you have been on medication?

HIV positive women all over the world give birth to HIV negative children. There is no reason to think that your situation would be any different.

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