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When can I recommence my garlic supplement?

Finished PeP – Tivicay and Truvada – Curious as to when I can start taking my garlic supplement again. I finished PEP 144 hours ago (6 days). I have read that Tivicay has a bad interaction with garlic extract – I read that Tivicay has a half life of 14-16 hours. I’m seeing if someone out there can answer if it is safe for me to take my garlic supplement yet?


Hi, how are you doing?

You can restart now. High dose garlic supplements are not advised while on some HIV medication as the garlic can affect the level of HIV medicine absorbed by the body. Now that you have finsihed your course of PEP there is no reason for this medication to be actively absorbed by your body. Continuing with your supplement is safe.

Please see this previous question for further information about garlic supplements and HIV medication.


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  1. Leo

    Thank you Josh ! I am currently at 188 hours and I think I might start taking my garlic again , I just don’t want to screw up what the remaining drug tivicay might still be doing in my system


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