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I have unprotected sex with my husband…

I am positive for HIV and I’m taking my medication but my husband didn’t go for testing. We sleep unprotected is that good?


Hi, how are you doing?

Do you know why your husband has not gone for testing? It is important to know your status regardless of there being risk or not.

Do you know your viral load? As you are on treatment, if you have a viral load below 200 there is no risk to your husband. With a suppressed viral load this low it is impossible to pass on HIV via sex. This is explained by U=U.

Even if your viral load is not this low, being on treatment will still greatly reduce the likelihood of transmission. There are also other factors that can effect transmission risk. These are explained here.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi tyo, no you cannot transmit HIV. Are you on treatment? If you are and with a viral load below 200 it is impossible for you to pass on HIV. There is no need for a condom to prevent HIV. This is called U=U and is explained further here: https://i-base.info/u-equals-u/

  2. tyo

    my viral load is 30 since i meet my new boyfiend and we are not using condom can i transmit the virus

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Masaba, as you have found out your partner has tested negative, there is no risk to you. You have not ben exposed to HIV. Symptoms of HIV are very non-specific. They can be caused by more common infections like the cold or flu.

  4. Masaba

    Hello, please help me. I had sex though using condom which accidentally didn’t use well and got withdrawn. With doubt I went for PePs and started using but after 18 days my wife decided to throw the rest away. Went and decided to talk to the girl that I had sex with and had test of which the girl was found negative…. Currently am facing symptoms of the virus. What might be the problem please.


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