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My partner is using Acriptega…

Hi please help, I have found out that my partner is using Acriptega pills. Is he HIV positive? I am confused and scared at same time. I don’t what to do now. Please help.


Hi, how are you doing?

Have you spoken with your partner about this? How did you find out they were/are taking Acriptega?

Acriptega is a generic version of TLD. It can be used to prevent HIV after an exposure or can be sued to treat HIV.

If they are positive, it is a good thing that they are taking Acriptega. It means that they are looking after their health and the risk of transmission is low or can even be impossible.

When on treatment, if they have a suppressed viral load it is not possible to pass on HIV. This is explained by U=U.

Josh ,


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Masutha, Acriptega is only available on prescription, and only from some pharmacies.

    If this is for your treatment, your doctor or clinic will explain how to get this medicine.

  2. masutha

    Can i get Acriptega from any pharmacy or specific place in South Africa?


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