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I have been switched to Reydin from a pink tablet?

Hi , does it mean the virus is less in your blood now if they changed you from the pink ARVs to Reydin? And what are the chances of me infecting my husband (he is negative, I’m positive) been married for 5 years now. What does Reydin act as?? As a PrEP or ARV?


Hi, how are you doing?

Do you know the name of the treatment you were taking before?

There are a lot of medications that will look different and have different names, but they will all work in the same way. These are called generic combinations and they are different because they have been made by different manufacturers.

Reydin is a version of TLD. It is used as an ARV.

How long have you bene on treatment? and do you know your viral load? When you have a viral load below 200/undetectable there is no risk of transmission to your husband. This is called U=U.

Even with a higher viral load, being on treatment means HIV is being suppressed and the risk of transmission is significantly reduced.



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