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Can I marry someone HIV negative?

I have had viral load tested twice a year for now over six years. The results all show U=U. Is it possible for me to marry a negative tested lady and she remains safe in unprotected coitus? Am tested to have 174/111 BP, could have been side effect of the blue ARVs tabs. I don’t take alcohol neither do I smoke, but I experience pain on my legs and feet only when at night sleeping. Is that due to the high blood pressure?


Hi, how are you doing?

It is great to hear that you have been undetectable so long and treatment is working for you.

Yes it is possible to marry someone HIV negative. Your HIV status should not effect who you marry. Please see this previous question. 

While HIV status should not be a barrier, in some countries it is required that you tell your partner about your status before getting married. Some countries consider this a legal requirement.

As for your blood pressure and other symptoms please speak with your doctor. Is your high blood pressure being treated? and no, high blood pressure will not be the cause of the pain in your legs at night.



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