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My husband just tested HIV positive but I tested HIV negative?

We just found out my husband has HIV today I tested negative and I don’t understand why. Can you please explain.

Also what is lipodystropy?


I am sorry to hear about your husbands test results, but you are lucky in still being HIV negative.

We have had many questions from people in your situation and it is not uncommon. Although you are HIV-negative now, it doesn’t mean you are protected against HIV in the future, so it is important to use condoms now with your husband.

So far you have just been lucky – not every exposure results in infection – but you are still at risk catching HIV.

For more information about your husbands health and treatment see this guide.

Lipodystrophy is the term for a range of side effect to some HIV drugs, that changes the way your body processes fats and sugars. More information is at this link.


  1. samantha

    Q – is it possible for a hiv+ lady to live wth a man for 10years and he is still hiv-

  2. Simon Collins

    Hi Johnson

    I am sorry that this is a complicated time, but it sounds like you are lcuky and very likely to still be HIV negative. This often happens. An HIV test 3 months after the last time you had sex without a condom, will confirm this.

    If you partner is now on treatment, or starts treatment, then once her viral load is undetectable, you have to choice to stop using condoms without the risk of catching HIV.

    This is because when viral load is this low, transmission is very difficult.

  3. johnson

    She tested negative while she was pregnant after she delivered five months ago she got sick and was tested positive while I am negative , we have been together for the past three years , am I safe ?

  4. Simon Collins

    Please see these questions on life expectancy:

  5. johnson

    How long HIV positive person can live ?

  6. Robin Jakob

    Your tests show that you are HIV negative and you do not need to test again. It is important that you use condoms while having sex. This is because your risk for transmission is higher while you are pregnant.

    IF you stay HIV negative your child will also not have HIV.

  7. Siccy

    I am 30 weeks pregnant. I recently find out that my husband in HIV positive.He has known for 6 years now but still not on treatment. I have tested negative 1st at 2 months than 2nd time at 4 months. Should I test again?

  8. Simon Collins


    It sounds like you must be going through a difficult time if you didn’t expect this. Your negative results is a pretty good sign that you are unlikely to be positive, but your doctor is giving you good advice to recommend the second test.

    It would be better to contact a support organisation perhaps to talk through these issues in more detail. It is great that you have asked the question here but I don’t know enough about your circumstances – or even your country – to be able to help.

    At some time I hope you can talk together but you have to decide when the time is right – or how to get to a situation where your husband can open up.

    I imagine he must also be in shock from both the diagnosis and treatment.

    People are too different to be able to recommend one thing. What may be right for one couple may not be appropriate for another, but you will need your own support to find a way through this.

  9. Madonna

    Just found out that my husband’s been treated for HIV for over a month, he hasn’t said anything to me, but I been tested negative, and told by the doctor to do a retest in 3 mths time. Should I let him know that I’ve found out. What should I do?

  10. Robin Jakob


    It is common for one partner in a relationship to be negative and one to be positive. You can find more information about this in the answer above.