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Can I really have a normal life expectancy?

I’ve been reading posts and articles from i-base since I was diagnosed 11 months ago. Thank you so much for providing this platform. My question is about longevity. All health care professionals say that it is possible to live a full life with HIV but how realistic is that? And if it is possible why are there still people who are dying daily from the disease (I live in South Africa)? My biggest fear as well is to look symptomatic, I take my medication daily, I go to gym and I eat healthy often. I’m only 27yrs old and this has become my biggest fear realized. I have a daughter to live for I don\'t want to die and leave her without a mother. My family doesn’t know about my status, I’m just so ashamed.

Is my maximum life expectancy 8 years?

I am on 2nd line treatment in India with atv/r+ Truvada for 2 yrs. My dr says that your life span is maximum 8 yrs. Is it correct?

I tested +ve. in 2000, with a CD4 of 70. ART started irregular in first year lack of most expensive on Fortavase (saquinavir/r) +d4t+3Tc. After 9months I stopped ART. Next I started ART with nevirapine, efavirenz; Azt;3Tc; d4t;ddi on 9yrs.

At present cd4 is 977 cells. Vl is less than 50 copies on Atv/r+ Truvada on 2yrs now..

I also have gastric problems but PPI (proton pump inhibitor) antacids are not recommended. What should I do?

I was diagnosed 16 weeks after infection, what's my life expectancy?

I was diagnosed HIV positive 16 weeks after initial infection and began treatment immediately.

I am 35 years old. CD4 was 500 and VL was 100,000.

6 months later my CD4 is 600 and VL less than 20 copies.

Being that I was diagnosed rather early and am responding well to the meds, Atripla, what does recent research say about longevity?

Some sites say one can live into 50s and some say 70s. I know it is personal to each individual, but I need some hope. I want to enjoy life and stop living in fear. I want to live to see a cure to this horrible virus.

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