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Is there a difference between Atripla, Odimune, Rizene and Tribuss etc


I started with Atripla, then received Odimune and now I have been given Tribuss from my provider.

I have never had side effects. How safe is it for me to take Tribuss?

I’m afraid it might change how I look. Is it the same as the two I have already been taking?



Tribuss and Odimune are generic versions of the fixed dose combination pill Atripla. These drugs have different names because they are made by different manufacturers.

Each version contains the same doses of three drugs. These are tenofovir, FTC and efavirenz.

There are no safety concerns from switching from one version to another.

Although some HIV meds have been linked to body shape changes, this is not commonly reported for any of these drugs. One exception, generally rare, is that efavirenz has been linked to weight gain in breast tissue – also called gynaecomastia (GYE-na-co-MAS-tee-ah).


Efavirenz-associated gynaecomastia reported to the national HIV and TB healthcare workers hotline in South Africa

Dihydrotestosterone for HAART-associated breast enlargement in men

This answer was updated on 12 July 2020 from an original question on 21 May 2013.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Lillian,

    Trivenz is a generic version of Atripla, please see here: https://i-base.info/guides/1561. You can take any of the meds that are listed in the link. You’ll need to ask your pharmacy what they have in stock.

    TLD is being rolled out in a lot of countries, with South Africa being one of these. If you want to change to this combination, you’ll need to talk to your doctor. It doesn’t contain the same compounds as Trivenz.

    ARVs are free in most countries. However, if for some reason you have to pay for medication, your health care provider should be able to tell you how much TLD costs.

    Weight loss isn’t something that’s common with modern day ARVs, if anything people gain weight.


    Hi i have been taking Trivenz 11 months now, so the pharmacy around dont have stock anymore , which pill do you recommend that has the same ingredients with trivenz, andcan you explain TLD for me , how much is it ? When is it going to be available at clinics and pharmacy, how much is TLD , does it have same ingredients with trivenz , is novavit plus good for supplement if ur on trivenz, what can cause weight loss when you are taking both?

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Urgent.

    What’s the name of the medication that you’re using? What does your friend use? If the meds have the same compounds, then yes it would be OK to use an emergency supply. However, your friend will need to ensure that they aren’t left without.
    If the meds aren’t the same are you able to get access before the end of the week? Missing a few days will be OK, but after that your viral load will start to rebound.

  4. Urgent!!!!!!

    Hi. I have been taking the generic versions of the ARV drug which I understand is the first level of treatment. I have run out and already missed yesterday. I asked a friend to check if the dosage of each drug in his pill is the same as mine. If so will it be okay for me take it until I am able to retrieve my own meds? Instead of missing out the whole week?


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