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4. 8 Mood changes, strange dreams, anxiety: efavirenz

Efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin) has side effects that are different to other HIV drugs. This is because it can affect your mood and feelings. Efavirenz is one of the drugs in Atripla.

Efavirenz can make you feel disorientated or anxious. This includes vivid or disturbing dreams. This is a side effect of this drug.

Most people get some side effects when they first start to take efavirenz, so mild symptoms are normal. These usually reduce after the first few weeks and become easier to manage.

Some people get very serious problems – including severe depression and anxiety. In this case, contact the doctor in case it is important to switch to another drug.

Efavirenz can make existing worries or depression more serious. You need to be aware of this if you start a combination that includes this drug.

Further reading

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Last updated: 1 January 2016.