i-Base appeal: we need your help…

i-Base 2017 appealHTB is the UK’s longest running activist HIV treatment publication – starting as DrFax from 1996-2000 and relaunched as HTB from 2000-2017.

We have maintained an independent publication and now need your help for this to continue.

This year, i-Base needs to raise £100,000 to match last year’s funding.

Your regular support can make this happen.

We cai-Base appeal n reach this target if 500 people support i-Base with just £9 a month and 1000 people support i-Base with £4.50 a month.

Please be one of our subscribers that helps.

  • i-Base continues to provide all services free, including free community publications for all UK clinics.
  • The i-Base website gets more than 400,000 users every month. And last year the i-Base Q&A service answered almost 6,000 individual questions from HIV positive people.
  • HIV services are being dramatically cut across the UK, and much of the voluntary sector is vulnerable, including i-Base.

More details on our work are in the 2017 review.

If you would like to support this work, all contributions are appreciated and make a difference.

i-Base does not have the luxury of financial reserves and we make every penny count.

Moving to electronic distribution will help, but by itself will not be enough.

Donate with Gift Aid:

Donate without Gift Aid:

If donating from outside the UK, please use Firefox or Crome web browsers rather than Safari and select your country. 

If you prefer to give offline, please use this donation form.

Ths link includes the option to donate offline.

If you would like to help i-Base in other ways, or would like more information about this i-Base appeal, please contact Suzanne Thompson or Simon Collins at HIV i-Base on 020 8616 2210.

Thank you for your help.

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