HIV 8th Glasgow 2006

8th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, 12-16 November 2006, Glasgow

Higher doses of ribavirin increases response rate to HCV treatment in coinfected patients: results from PRESCO study

NNRTI levels high in HCV co-Infected patients with cirrhosis

Viral load blips in children from the CHIPS cohort

Multi-drug resistance in vertically infected children

Wide disparity in switch to second-line therapy among children in CHIPS cohort

Explanation for failure of TMC-125 (etravirine) in TMC227 study

Saquinavir/r vs lopinavir/r: interim results from the Gemini study

d4T associated with significantly increased risk of type-2 diabetes mellitus

Drug interactions with darunavir (TMC-114)

Drug interactions with etravirine (TMC-125)

Switching from PIs to NNRTIs has similar effect on TC/HDL ratio as use of lipid lowering drugs in the management of dyslipidaemia

Community meeting on criminalisation of HIV transmission: jailing people for passing on HIV may threaten public health