ICAAC 42nd San Diego 2002

42nd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), San Diego, 27-30 September 2002

Immunology and treatment interruption data presented at the 42nd ICAAC

Treatment interruptions may result in poor T-cell recovery in patients with nadir CD+ count <50 cells/mm3

Treatment interruptions are safe in patients with CD4+ count between 300 to 500 cells/mm3 and viral loads lower than 70,000 copies/mL

Topical transdermal testosterone gel offers significant clinical benefits in hypogonadal HIV-positive patients

BMS experimental PI atazanavir shows potency comparable to NNRTI efavirenz among treatment-naïve HIV patients

Adverse drug reactions and lipodystrophy in children

Study suggests Kaletra/Combivir is better tolerated PEP than Combivir/nelfinavir

Novel approaches to the inhibition of HIV

Lipodystrophy and adverse drug reaction data presented at the 42nd ICAAC