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I found D100 pills in my girlfriends bag.

I found pills in my girlfriend’s bag, we have been dating a little over a year. For about 6 weeks we have been having unprotected sex. She tested positive and I tested negative, she claims to have never been taking ARVs. So I’m surprised to find D100 pills. Was she lying to me all this time and what were the risks she rook regarding my health if she did or wasn’t taking these D100 pills.


Hi how are you?

How do you feel towards HIV? Disclosing someones status is very personal and it can cause a lot of anxiety. If your partner is taking these D100 pills partner, this means they are likely managing HIV well. Have you heard of U=U? It means that if their treatment is working well enough there is no risk to you. This is a link to help explain: https://i-base.info/u-equals-u/

Maybe your partner does not know how you feel, or would even respond to their status. It’s important not to take them not telling you as personal. In time they may tell you, but in the meantime maybe drop into conversation HIV and your thoughts.

There is also the matter that you found these by circumstance. What was your reasoning for being in their handbag. You might also need to consider that these pills are not theirs and this is something you cannot find out for sure without clear and calm communication.

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