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Should I postpone a romantic evening after missing my medication?

I’ve been undetectable a little over a year now. The pharmacy got lines crossed with my doctor and I haven’t had my meds for 3 days. My boyfriend and I had a romantic evening planned. Should I postpone it? If today is my second dose after the three day gap?


Hi, how are you doing?

As you are undetectable, 3 days is not likely to cause risk to your partner.

Most HIV medication works for longer than 24 hours – the active amount in your body remains for a while longer. This means your medication is still going to work for a bit more time.

Being undetectable means HIV is very well suppressed. This also means that it will take time for it to rebound and be detectable – this is usually about a week after stopping medication.

3 days is not going to be a long enough time for your viral load to increase significantly. This means there is no risk to your partner. If you remain concerned using a condom will prevent any risk of transmission.



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