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Will I need to use PrEP for the rest of my life?

My boyfriend has tested HIV positive and I tested negative, we have always used condoms and I recently started using PreP. He just proposed and i’m a bit conflicted, does it mean that i’d have to used PrEP for the rest of my life should we get married?


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on your proposal. No, this does not mean you will need to be on PrEP for the rest of your life.

Has your boyfriend started treatment? and do you both know his viral load?

Being on treatment means that his viral load will be suppressed. From starting treatment it usually takes up to 3 months for the viral load to be suppressed below 200. When the viral load is below 200, this means that HIV cannot be transmitted via sex even without a condom or having to use PrEP. This is called U=U.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Mm, how is your girlfriend coping? has she started treatment? As she is positive it is advised to use a condom/be on PrEP while her treatment works. You do not need to do this long term. With treatment, your girlfriends viral load will become suppressed. When lower than 200 there is no risk of transmission. She will be unable to pass on HIV via sex. This is explained by U=U: https://i-base.info/u-equals-u/

  2. Mm

    Good morning management of i-base. I’m dating a girl for good three years, yesterday we went for hiv test she tested hiv positive and I test hiv negative, we are together for over three years have sex without a condom, the first week we meet that I start friendly her we when for the check up she test HIV negative I also test hiv negative, now is over three years we still go for the check Up she test hiv positive and I test hiv negative I confused why she is positive I am negative for good three years that we are having sex without a condom.please help me, should I start take prep has my girl friend test HIV positive.


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